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Has anybody ever used this site before or can shed some light on if theres anything i can do in regards to atleast getting my deposit back? So frustrating though, no doubt they would have let me continue to deposit over and over knowing that there is no chance I could claw any jackpot city casino new zealand of it back or win any on top either way.

I quickly logged back in and noticed the balance back in the account. Since then they have closed the account because I have broken the terms and have said they are not giving me my money back? Normally get 1 or 2 a year, this one just never happened to come in!

A few times i have got up to a decent amount (between 3k-5k) but i always want 40-50 k , just the way my mind works. It is incredibly interesting to learn something new about gambling. I myself have been playing for several years and thank God everything is successful, I constantly try to play on new sites and seem to have found myself a favorite)) Hello everyone, I would like to find a friend here or just a friend with whom you could play together and just have fun.

It is incredibly interesting to learn something new about gambling. I myself have been playing for several years and thank God everything is successful, I constantly try to play on new sites and seem to have found myself a favorite)) Hello everyone, I would like to find a friend here or just a friend with whom you could play together and just have fun. It is incredibly interesting to learn something new about gambling. Add your main window captureRight click the layer, transform, edit transform... Select your 2nd window captureRight click, transform, paste transform... The two windows will be sitting on top of each other. I STILL think gonzo megaways is the shittest slot of the decade.

Took BBC 52 years to figure out jimmy saville was touching kids. So no one is going to look out for tangiers australian casino us if we get fucked over except for ourselves.

This topic was about my personal opinion about how I think davo is in bed with emu but blatantly denies it. I had a post questioning the legitimacy of davo a while back but got over it because anyone who streams online is getting kick backs from somewhere. Or is everyone mad because they think they know the truth but they cant prove it. How is it any different from gaming streamers getting ad revenue or subscription fees like youtube or twitch. He paid his friend 10k on steam the other day to shave his head.

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And on the weekend it was his birthday and he had a nightclub rented out and shot 10k through air cannons into the crowd. Tell me one other streamer who brings that level of entertainment. Was watching him fall down the rabbit hole the other night, deposit after deposit. Yeah unfortunately there was some controversy about him revealing he used to be a fudge packer and then he wanted to show the money he made from it to everyone on stream - controversial for TGC! Go on and ask them if the system would allow your wifes bank card to be used and or if it was what would be the procedure please Kev40 It was done on a debit card in my name and yet the ladbrokes account was in my wifes name and it allowed 27 payments not just one which as you say it should not of been allowed at all but it was and it was that many Everybody seems to be missing the point account name woman.! Tell me what advantage anybody would get from opening a account in a womans name not even correct surname with no id if they done the checks and a mans bank card used that could never have any winnings returned because of the law.! Who gains in that to make it fraud against the online app nobody is the answer.! Just remember it is not in my name I did not set a account up and my bank card was used it was a simple question on a account that it should never of be able too use. In a womans name and a mans bank card its not like its even close match to say that is fine to take 27 deposits with no checks and a completely different bank card used. With all your made up storys some of you have come to the conclusion as and have going on all day and they keep changing by the second on here at least it kept you entertained for the day. I already done all that police bank and the company.! The bank the department I need to speak to are only open between the hours of 8am-6am believe it or not.!

I think this will be the sad decline of this country at a drastic rate. I think the negging and gaslighting that the government has been doing has made us willing to do near anything to get back to just living life. Now everybody I know just wants any bit of freedom at this point and willing to do anything. There are so many conspiracy theorist who will jump at everything, and those almost take away from the legitimacy of this vaccine passport control grab by the government. There are so many plants going on on social media distracting people and making real people doubt how much of a breach this is. Hopefully this helps my mental state and gives me a bit of peace of mind.

Will Neil Robertson reach at least the semi finals?

Will any Asian player reach at least the quarter finals? Will any player from outside the top 8 seedings reach at least the semi finals? Will there be MORE than 85 century breaks in the tournament? Will any individual player make 4 or more centuries in a single match?

Will MORE than 225 frames be played in the first best online casino new tangiers australian casino zealand round? YES - 2PTS Big thanks to 1pstaker and others for organising. Ive always been an anarchist, saw the battle of the bean fields and took part in the brixton and poll tax riots. If I need to I will join the young and riot again, its the only language politicians listen to. I think ultimately they will have to starve me into submission, which is fairly unlikely as I produce most of tangiers australian casino my own food.

QR codes or phone apps are a big no no for me as already explained. I saw that doc on panorama when it 1st aired, thats not science thats snake oil skullduggery. Im currently collecting enough assets to get the hell away from uk and europe and most likely will end up in the hills of nepal or possibly vietnam. If people roll over and accept this you are enslaving your children and their children ad infinitum. And I can shoot fascists yes top online canadian casino unfortunately thats how fickle people have become about their liberty.

The carrot for the donkey may well turn out to be a rotten brussel sprout. So we have a vaccination which isnt known to stop us catching it, we also dont know if we are transmissable despite being vaccinated. Now how is this vaccine cerftificate supposed to help in any tangiers australian casino way to stop transmission, what is the actual point of it. I am now more determined than ever to not have a certificate or card or whatever bullshit they come out with. If they want to show Ive been given the jab they can write it next to my yellow fever, hep, and other inoculations on my cardboard card which has sufficed for decades. Any pub, business etc asking for a card will firmly be boycotted by me and my family. Gamstopped pretty much as soon as it come to my notice. Wasnt really a problem gambler myself although the FOBTs used to be a issue. I can honestly say what with gamstop and being imprisoned by Boris Ive never had so much spare cash.

Currently I have enough to hire a hitman to take Boris out and hopefully by crimbo should have enough for the rest tangiers australian casino of his cabinet.

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I was working in Ghana one time and whilst I was doing my ablutions in the pit dug latrine the whole thing collapsed under me and it was a rather messy affair. Similar in Uganda after working in the bush for months and finally getting back to the city to clean up and dress nice for 1st time in longtime, I scored some bbq chicken of a road boy and was happily munching it walking along when a car drove at me forcing me to jump out of the way straight into a latrine ditch. African toilets are the best and the chicken didnt go to waste. Is there any evidence do you know for fecal particles transmitting the virus from public toilets? Ive often pondered if pub and public toilets are a driver of transmission.

How poo particles in a public loo dissipate or how far does a fart travel are some cracking dissertation topic for undergrads. Tablets linked to the net can still give you an x,y,z location with date time, elevation, temp etc but there are ways to either circumvent or disable.

It can be disabled also on smart phones but phone mast data will allow triangualation should you take a call on the phone or even if its off. People look at me as if I am mad when I say I dont have a mobile phone (or tracker device as I prefer to call them), I then tell them I have no credit cards and still use and specifically ask for a left handed cheque book (yes cheques still exist $5 minimum deposit casino australia 2018 and even left handed books). Maybe i am mad but im from a generation where we only spent what we had, we knocked on doors to talk or usedthe pub, public phone box as our offices.

As for walking around in public chat bollox on a mobile so every one could hear it was either 2ps in a phone box or if you didnt have 2p you would have to have whispered conversation with your GF in the front room phone in front of the whole family and nobody let people hear their conversations. I choose the god with the white beard and he tells me ole! They will love you and little by little you will feel much better.

Unfortunately we do not always comply with them and the impulse of addiction hits us, it is complicated sometimes. I am very sorry for that loss, the next time you win, publish it in the forum and we will encourage you to withdraw the money...