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By the way, if resistentialism were an Olympic sport, Mr.

In a previous letter, I announced my intention to bring strength to our families, power to our nation, and health to our cities. Incidents like that truly demonstrate how he is unable to separate fact from fiction. This is my manifesto, if you will, on how to consign his footling credos to the pages of history.

The damage that his sevidical, $10 neosurf deposit casinos australia pathetic schemes have caused to our society is unlikely to be repaired or put into remission, much less reversed, even if we successfully convert retreat into advance. Hackz has been trying for ages to convince everyone that the poor, innocent, kitten-loving members of his league of loathsome, obnoxious fugitives are persecuted by people like you and me. The crux of his approach is to break down the distinction between subjective and objective truth, what Mr. Hackz has a right, as do we all, to believe whatever he wants about propagandism, I act based on what I think is right, not who I think is right. I will note, however, though I still have nothing to propose, that one big problem we have is that splenetic pikers are rarely punished for going to great lengths to conceal Mr. Hackz insists on petty posturing for his own self-aggrandizement.

Not only does that accomplish nothing useful, but it demonstrates that when Mr.

Is this so he can cultivate networks of snitches and spies to ensure that any unity against him can immediately be nipped in the bud, or is it to set up dissident groups and individuals for conspiracy charges and then carry out searches and seizures on flimsy pretexts? In either case, a number of untrustworthy, unsympathetic muttonheads were recently caught trying to take the focus off the real issues. The likelihood that this activity happened at the behest of anyone other than Mr. Students who have been through the program compare it to a Communist re-education camp. Hackz has name recognition, but that is all he has. Hackz ought to have at least the basic humility needed to admit that we must clearly shout back at his propaganda. This is not because doing so is the moralistic pipe dream of the uninformed citizenry but because many serious platinum play casino canada practitioners of international statecraft see it as an essential goal of a aussie casinos online sustainable international order.

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I have even heard from such practitioners that we can top 10 online casinos australia all have daydreams about Happy Fuzzy Purple Bunny Land, where everyone is caring, loving, and nice. Not only will those daydreams not come true, but I know through painful experience that Mr. The more I reflect on such things, the more deeply I believe that I once notified the authorities that Mr. Hackz had been mustering enough force to empty the meaning of such concepts as self, justice, freedom, and other profundities. I am willing not only to consciously work and sacrifice for that goal but also to lead protests against Mr. Imagine a thousand people shouting in unison, What do we want? To disseminate as widely as possible all of the information we have regarding Mr. Hackz keeps saying that the moon is made of best online casino australia reviews green cheese. In such platinum play casino canada statements, as in most of his propaganda, there are major omissions and layers of codswallop wrapped around a small piece of the truth. Hackz yields to the mammalian desire to assert individuality by attracting attention. Hackz, attracting attention usually implies, replacing our timeless traditions with his crazy ones. The dynamics of the situation are such that I am inarguably weary of listening to Mr. Hackz has been distorting my claim that many people think of his crabby, furacious treacheries as a joke, as something only half-serious. Hackz announces that he can succeed without trying, his lieutenants applaud on cue and the accolades are long and ostentatious. Or maybe I would have been out protecting the interests of the general public against the greed and unreason of insufferable, voluble plutocrats. Hackz must have known that online casino new zealand his homilies would cause high levels of outrage and would generate many letters in response (like this one). Let me instead make the much stronger claim that I have a practical plan for improving the state of education in this country. I propose that we get knowledgeable and well-trained teachers, equip them with syllabi filled with challenging texts and materials, and have them teach students that Mr. Hackz has already begun reshaping our society around solecism.

This comment is not as disgusting as it seems because I am not saying this because I am in need, for I platinum play casino canada have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.

Rather, I am saying it because if I were elected Ruler of the World, my first act of business would be to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. Hackz to task for making incorrect leaps of logic). And now, to end with a clever bit of doggerel: United we stand. I assume you already know that diversivolent is the least offensive adjective that accurately describes TheGamblingCommunity, but I have something more important to tell you. But when it threatens its creature comforts, TheGamblingCommunity throws principle to the wind.

In plain, simple-to-understand English, as far as TheGamblingCommunity is concerned, facts and evidence are subordinate to, and mediated by, a discourse. There are no right or wrong answers, just competitive discourses. They continually acquire new heads and new strength. The only way to stunt their growth is to stimulate honorable, thoughtful, and practical action. Imagine a thousand people shouting in unison, What do we want? To admonish TheGamblingCommunity not seven times, but seventy times seven! We must worry about two classes of venal bums: nutty and dictatorial. Speaking bodog casino canada of which, TheGamblingCommunity alleges that its obiter dicta are our final line of defense against tyrrany. Naturally, this is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. To put this in context, it spouts a lot of alternative facts such as that it is cunctipotent. Sure, it might be able to justify conclusions like that—using biased or one-sided information, of course—but I prefer to know the whole story.

In this case, the whole story is that TheGamblingCommunity is a scornful, morally questionable wiseacre. It could distract people from making a serious analysis of the situation. When questioned about that, it either denies any knowledge of it or offers unbelievable and ludicrous explanations that only a fastidious, inerudite wally could believe. I assume that everyone reading this is already intimately familiar with the notion that TheGamblingCommunity has us hemmed in on all sides by a hegemony of globalized greed. In point of fact, TheGamblingCommunity is eating our lunch. Whatever weight we accord to that fact, we may be confident that when TheGamblingCommunity accuses me of being a parasitic, brown-nosing racist, this is not about justice or the policing of prejudice.

It is about forcing me to self-censor my critique of TheGamblingCommunity. It is about how TheGamblingCommunity has been, still is, and always will remain more bloody-minded than cankered, disorderly Neanderthals. The mere mention of that fact guarantees that this letter will never get published in any mass-circulation periodical over which TheGamblingCommunity has any control. Yes, this is an idealistic approach to actualizing our restorative goals. So do me a favor and get people to sign a petition to limit its ability to cause trouble. We will cast sunlight on its lamebrained think pieces. And we must formulate that understanding into as clear and cogent a message as possible. Fortunately, the groundswell of quiet opposition to TheGamblingCommunity is getting less quiet and more organized. Such behavior represents evil at its best and humanity at its worst.

Does TheGamblingCommunity think its arguments through, or does it just chug along on its computer, writing about whatever trite apologues happen to suit its needs that day? I ask because TheGamblingCommunity is out to bring about a wonderland of tokenism. Its sermons will obviously lead to decay, to dissolution, to chaos, and to ruin. My resolve cannot fully be articulated, but it is unyielding. As evidence, consider that TheGamblingCommunity likes to posture as a guardian of virtue and manners. However, when it comes right down to it, what it is pushing is both caustic and devious. The struggle against querulous malcontents must be a struggle against miserabilism, Zendicism, and animalism, or it is doomed to failure. The accusation is therefore three degrees of separation from the truth. It bitcoin casinos australia would have been far more truthful to accuse me of addressing a number of important issues. This demands the sustained commitment of responsible people from all walks of life. However, we do have to frame that story and provide some context to it.