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Your site, your rules but you should at least be honest in your reply. You are correct, we forgot about those old restrictions from August 2016. We should have clarified that you niagara falls canada casino hotel had no new restrictions. We online casinos australia real money will reply to our comment in the WOV thread to clarify. Please post a message in that thread to confirm you now have access. Our uncensored nature is not intended for doxxing people and your intent is clearly to doxx him since you are only off by 1 letter. It was caught by our Automated Spam Filter because it contained a URL and you are a relatively new user.

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My name is Kelvin Tong, a postgraduate student from Monash University Malaysia. I am currently conducting a research to understand Internet gambling behavior for my dissertation research. I came across your site and will like to post my online survey in this site. Thank you for moving the threads as I suggested to the advantage play section, but they still show up in the regular VP forum. This is marked with a blue arrow icon to the right of the title. So I went in and read that thread again, and after all my tests, I saw that basically all the ideas that I was testing you were already proposing. I thought maybe we would online casinos australia real money cross-write and test ideas together?

Went back to the minimum interval post and reread it again....

It seemed that if only 1 or zero repeats appeared in the first 12 spins, the session stretched out longer and deeper than comfortable. So if no 2 repeats in initial 12, options are 1) to start a new 12, or 2) continue the same string of spins until 2 repeats appear within 12 spins and start the session then. Been meaning to say I noticed you are in the food business...

Experienced exactly what you mentioned in your post great canadian casino victoria about some good days and then a not so good day. I have a method where the condition of a game dont matter at all.

Well, These are the 5 hot numbers (often drawn): 23, 34, 72, 1 and 4. Most frequent state draws numbers to the numbers that have come out quite often in the last 50 draw are 3, 16, 44, 58 and 78. The player is paid based on how many numbers were chosen (either player selection, or the terminal picking the numbers), the number of matches out of those chosen, and the wager. Most markets still down so some good profits to be made. The food sector has been stable throughout the crisis, good safe stocks, moreover the ones that pay divs.

As lockdowns lift oil prices should rise thus oil stocks should do well. Retail is a bit ify moreover with the fear of a second wave looming over.

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I am looking into them as well because I have played on Draftkings in the past but there are people who have said that there are some negatives there. I hope that more people will be more aware of the bets that should be made in each site or the pros and cons because there are positive takeaways with any kind of site. All through current history, Spain has attained a fascinating standing, not just due to its prevalence of Spanish language all over the globe, but its culture also. The El Gordo lottery is another aspect in Spain which makes this country popular. The draw of this big lottery is carried out each year on December 22nd and it is viewed by the entire Spain on TV. El Gordo commemorated its anniversary for 202nd in 2014.

The drawing ceremony for the lottery is in Madrid (Teatro Real de Madrid), Spain.

It is possible for this to be won simply by 15,000 and more winning figures. In a normal lotto game, normally the player is required to select a set of figures from a particular range of numbers and an extra bonus number also. For instance, in the National Lottery in the UK, a player should select 6 major figures from 1-49 inclusive then an extra bonus figure from similar range. To be a winner of the jackpot, a player needs to match each of their six major selected numbers.

If there is no holder of a ticket who matches each of the numbers drawn in a certain week, the jackpot is moved forward to the coming week, becoming bigger in size as it does this. The draw for El Gordo Christmas lottery varies greatly in this regard therefore, for this draw, just a specific number of tickets are printed. The price of purchasing a whole ticket for El Gordo (Billet) differs a lot also, from purchasing a ticket in a regular lottery game such as the UK lotto.

Tickets for El Gordo however, will cost you EUR200 each.

Because of the huge cost of taking part in this lottery game, complete tickets are split into ten sections or decimos. So, it is extremely ordinary for family members or a group of friends to divide the price of a ticket so as to turn the game into a more practical plan. In UK lottery, a small percentage of individuals ever become winners of huge amounts of money and many of them get disappointed each week. However, this popular Spanish lottery provides this winning experience to a huger percentage of people. In the draw for Christmas Spanish lottery EUR3 million was allocated to all the winning billetes numbering 180. In the draw for 2005, the number that won was sold in Vic town, Catalonia whose population is 37,825. Significantly improved odds are offered by this Spanish lottery, of securing a cash prize, niagara falls canada casino hotel packages in comparison to UK lotto you have a great chance of 1 in 6, of attaining a cash prize while in UK lottery your chances are 1 in 52.

When playing lotteries like the UK lotto, more tickets are produced each time a pound is used up this signifies that there is never a shortage of tickets for any of the draws for each week. El Gordo is totally different as just a specific number of tickets are printed and after all of them are sold, no more are produced. The El Gordo does not just trigger a lot of excitement in Spain, but currently all over the globe because of the rising number of ticket sales agents of online lottery. So, it is important for you to obtain your preferred number of tickets immediately they are made available, to prevent disappointment. If you are a regular lottery niagara falls canada casino hotels player, you possibly just play whichever one is accessible in your province, country or state.

But are you aware that numerous states all over the globe provide lotteries also? Do you know that best australian casino pokies the Spanish lottery is really fascinating? In Spain, there are no taxes whatsoever on lottery winnings. In contrast, in the United States huge lottery winners are expected to pay a percentage of 30 or 40 in taxes, of their winnings, while there is no tax in the Spanish lottery.

There is no place in the globe where you encounter such jackpots. The Spanish lottery presents a lot of other games as well such as El Nino Lottery it also takes part in EuroMillions that presents some large jackpots as well.

Finally, Spanish El Gordo lottery is the most ideal as individuals can purchase tickets online even if they are not residents in Spain. This means that despite where you stay in the globe, you can take part in jackpot lotteries of billion dollars. Numerous websites exist which provide El Gordo tickets however, to counter fraud, ensure you examine them.

You can purchase tickets for El Gordo online, whether you reside in Spain or outside. Numerous websites provide tickets for El Gordo however, make sure you examine them to prevent swindle.

When the winnings are huge, individuals purchase more tickets, leading to even huger prize quantities.

This is the way the renowned Spanish El Gordo lottery turned into the hugest lottery worldwide. In 1812, Spanish Christmas lottery was begun since then, it has gained so much fame that an approximate percentage of 75 of the population in Spain purchase a ticket for lottery or part of one ticket.

There is also an approximation that every Spaniard on average, uses up about 70 Euros for El Gordo! A percentage of 30 of sales from lottery go to the online casinos australia real money state in form of taxes and a percentage of 70 are allocated to prizes.

The winnings below 2500 are free from tax up to now. El Gordo gains popularity also because the cash prize top casinos australia is distributed over winning numbers of more than 15000 therefore, a lot of cash prizes which are smaller are available.

Some speculate the odds of winning are 1:3 while others claim it is a percentage of 15. You do not select your personal numbers El Gordo requires you to purchase a ticket printed beforehand. The Christmas Lottery presents 100,000 varied numbers. Every ticket number consists of a picture (nativity) that alters each year. On December 22nd annually, there is a drawing of the winning figures. This occurs on national television in Spain (live) this culture goes back many years. Lottery for El Gordo goes back more than 200 years, from 1812 on 4th March.

The kids select from one drum and disclose the lottery number by singing and then select a prize from the remaining drum for that figure and sing it out also. Obviously, due to the funds concerned, it presents extremely thrilling viewing, up to the time the winning figures for the drawing of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth prizes. The huge prizes which each person is awaiting are 1st prize, 2nd prize, one 3rd prize, two 4th prizes and 5th prizes numbering 8 as well as a lot of smaller prizes. A ticket or billete for El Gordo has a number containing 5 digits it is pre-printed. Every ticket figure consists of various sets or series of similar ticket figure.

The precise amount of series and tickets and their cost also, and precise allocation of prizes as well is different each year. A series resembles a sheet of A4 consisting of 10 tickets that are smaller. A complete ticket sheet or billet is bought at 200 Euros.

The first El Gordo prize is allocated to one winning number.

In 2013, the first EL Gordo prize went to one winning free no deposit casinos new zealand figure the amount of the first prize was 4 million in euros. There was a series of 160 of the number for first prize therefore, 4 million was allocated 160 times. This is to a complete ticket or sheet with this figure. The final year of prizes for El Gordo being un-taxed was 2012. A lot of myths and traditions exist on the way to select the winning figure. The money from the prize is distributed around the entire family. You are always going to view TV images of an entire town or village neighborhood each 22nd December, kissing, hugging, dancing and taking Cava! Each of them has won El Gordo, Spanish Christmas Lottery. If you reside outside Spain, a lot of online firms that sell tickets are available. A number of them might be possibly very authentic and reliable however, it is advisable for you to analyze their references meticulously prior to purchasing.