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We welcome feedback and suggestions regarding the forum.

I love that we have a wide variety of characters and opinions from past and present gamblers with deep knowledge and history in pretty much every field. I think if your a member here then that already deserves a level of respect! Sometimes you may not even know or understand your doing it, so if you get a warning please listen to the reasoning.

Please follow our community guidelines to ensure it is. Participants who persistently or seriously ignore the community guidelines will have their posting privileges withdrawn. You may be contacted by an administrator to discuss your participation. We welcome feedback and suggestions regarding the forum. And the Genie where it goes it makes the reel wild. It s a greek company with sports betting site and casino stoiximan The Website and Games are offered by Kaizen. I went to the australian casino $1 deposit history and this hit gave me 36 euros on a 0,80euro bet. I talked to the support and send me the photo (the photo i uploaded). An that payed 36euro and i confirmed from the history.

Midway through May my mother passed away from terminal cancer. It happened during COVID so no chance to say goodbye etc. At this point gambling became an even bigger distraction from life in general.

Since then I have finally admitted the truth to myself but more importantly to my friends and loved ones. The good news is that once I finally fessed up the world lifted from my shoulders and I felt more free then I can ever really remember. Goodbye Before I duck out I was want to say thank you to all of your for your words. Re: tragedy stuff which a few of you have mentioned. I agree this is something I will have to address at some point.

Casinos talk a good game about responsible gambling but if I showed you my deposit and transaction history from yesterday I bet every single member here would scream problem gambler a mile off and way before niagara casino canada my last deposit. Thanks again all you lovely people and stay safe TGCers.....

I did my bollocks in yesterday, much the same as I did last month and the month before etc etc.

Here are two things I will say as a general observation of slot gambling world as I see it today and some of the impact that has had on me personally. The march towards ultra volatile machines is like napalm to a slot junkie and their money. Unfortunately for me this means giving me a product which just rewires the shit out of my brain after chasing a bonus only to be crushed again and again and again. I am definitely one of the unlucky ones in that regard.

Where was the Nicola hot streak for this bonus opening? I find the idea of stuffing dead animals quite revolting and would ban it in an instant if I were king for the day. Book of dead comes in five different maths models - 96, 94, 91, 88, 84. Now you have to wonder why they would get so zingy about members pointing out the obvious. I was convinced Wilder would do the business with a KO win. So British heavyweight boxing unification fight with Joshua next.... Ill mark as received etc and give them positive feedback but no money changes hands etc Id agree to take the winner badge and do a deal where player keeps the wheel spin and cash with all i take the forum winner badge? Try to load slot games and keeps crashing and when I try to load another slot it goes back to pragmatic play niagara casino canada casinos australia accepted trying to load the one that just crashed. Will be keeping this site for poker only from now on. Thought it was more when it first spun in but still not to be sniffed at. Thought it was more but better than nothing, if it gets paid that is Thanks for the replies. I have an interrupted genie jackpot megaways game that keeps crashing when the counter is about to display the winnings after the wild megaways in game feature.

After speaking to support they said it would be autocompleted by the system later today. I also have video recording of the whole game but is to big to upload. That was someones son, husband and he was very much loved.

I do find it sick that people get off on the death of another.

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I wrote my response that you see, aghast that once again despite me asking that he was not used and was respected in death. That his parents, friends or colleagues never came across this site and posts that showed no respect at all. I find your posts around the death of that officer deeply concerning. You were almost jubilant that this officer suffered. Should someone present those views and get off on posting up his death as some kind of moral high ground without thought for his family or wife then yes I would not deem them fit to be freed. I was angry about the constant bragging about his death like some badge of honour.

He has been used by GKell so many times and it makes me sick to the core.

Had I interviewed you and given the nature of those posts you made about the death of that officer. Which you glorified to justify your own problems was beyond acceptable. As a nz casino no deposit bonus result your offensive posts were deleted by the mods on the site and rightly so. I can also confirm that I knew nothing of the personal situation till i received PM from him of which I am willing to share the date. It niagara casino canada was sent at 19:21 on week ending 7th of February 2021.

The first time I was ever made aware of any personal loss I meant it as in being freed. Yes it was in horror at seeing the vile posts about a serving officer who suffered an horrific death. Yes I was reacting in horror to how someone could use an officers death and in such distaste. It was a heartbreaking case and I felt very much for his parents and wife. Thank you for seeing that I would not ever tell someone they should not breed. I was responsible for determining offenders risk management. Risk cats from A to D I determined had I been in that role still microgaming australian casinos that you were akin to them.

Yes i stand by that after the sick posts gloating about that poor mans death that you gloated about. The parents and wife of that man went through hell. Example Slot: Spinata Grande What is Bonus Wagering? We can also refer back to the different variances when talking about bonuses as for example I used to start my play with a high variance game, try to hit a big win and then I would switch to a low or medium variance game to churn through the wagering without winning or losing too much as I was happy with the initial big win!

It has top new zealand casinos become a complete what feels like, donation system. First one paid 5x and the two 20 GBP spins paid 8x and 9x. Over and above those bonuses, I got 1 on Razor Shark at 2 GBP and it returned 11x with might I add ( 2 full columns of Gold Sharks ) in the base game before the bonus kicked off. I have such decided I am giving up online gambling as I am no longer enjoying it, and the slowly year on year the games are getting worse in quality as I saw in one post recently here on the forums in terms of laziness etc from developers. Let me know if anyone has had similar recent experience. Funnily enough just one of those days in your favour. Picked up another 884x on Razor Shark immediately after at 1 GBP stake.

Offline I have hit a diamond jackpot in a landbased casino for 4000x in Malta a couple of years ago. I ended up signing up although so far received only 2 bonuses both of which were no deposit bonuses. Not had too much of good slots experience tonight unfortunately. I will accept the invite then based on your comments. Hey Guys I got invited to the VIP Loyalty club today at 21 Casino. Was wondering if anyone is already in this and what extra benefits it might come with if any, or is just an account manager and some random bonuses? Example Slot: Spinata Grande What is Bonus Wagering?

We can also refer back to the different variances when talking about bonuses as for example I used to start my play with a high variance game, try to hit a big win and then I would switch to a low or medium variance game to churn through the wagering without winning or losing too much as I was happy with the initial big win!