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Let us know here and we will see what we can do to make it a reality! Share lucky nugget casino canada best online casino australia 2020 your thoughts and create discussions for each of the various games supported by our platform.

The traditional game of keno, built for a newer generation.

A real thrill for those who enjoy chasing favourite numbers and patterns!

An action packed prediction game where you must beat the house by guessing as close to the cut of line without going over.

The traditional game of roulette, but with lower house edge for a more favourable gambling experience. Valuable information and resources for the Stake gambling platform. This section is for making appeals for bans and mutes on the Stake platform. This is a private forum, where other users wont see your posts. We provide honest and unbiased evaluations of every action made, and will be glad to help resolve any of those issues with you. Especially if you are someone who plays on mobile.. I latest online casino new zealand rarely play on mobile, but I dont like how difficult it is to try and chat and wager when I do. How much time on average do you spend on Philippines chat every day? Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is? Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat? You can then use the filter button to filter by game or whatever, and sort by payout (highest to lowest) etc.

Stake username: gijoe 2, I spend an average of 12 to 15 hours 3. To make players understand the rules in the chat to avoid being muted 5. I will try to win another one, but think the next time the conditions lucky nugget casino canada should be clear from the beginning. Personally i like keno more because sometimes its really hot and hits all the numbers but sometimes it doesnt hit anything at all, not a fan of stake slots due to them not having sticky wilds and they just seem pretty limited after playing some of the well known slots. Padahal banyak keuntungan dan manfaat yang didapat... Mari kita berandai andai jika anda menjadi seorang moderator hal hal apakah yang anda lakukan dalam menyikapi berbagai persoalan yang tak terkira yang mungkin muncul, baik sebagai moderator room ataupun forum.... JIka anda menjadi seorang moderator, apa yang anda lakukan jika.....

The amount received is proportional to the cumulative contribution of the game and the level. After all, there is no such place for distribution. Since this is a TIER challenge, users eligible for prize are the ones who post winning bet with at least 30x multiplier, but 3 users who hit highest multiplier are going to get much larger share of the prize pool.

All bets are counted, with bonus spins or without them. You are allowed to edit your post, online casino new zealand if you get higher multiplier thean previously posted one. The intention of marketing team nor Stake was to harm the bettors, I am sorry if you misunderstood what is stated in e-mail and how promotion works, as for a few months our monthly bonus was also given in form of a Reload, our users already Congrats to the winners, this was great hunt! Thanks to all of you who took part in this and contributed to our B-day celebration, I hope you all enjoyed. Congrats to the winners, all users who fulfilled all requirements are payed up, this is the list of site users who got the prize. All others are not eligible, thanks for participating ones again.

Prize pool was equally shared among following users: fourPfive2 Raikage Rille07 Hilo20 ahmeddz cheesecakeytt limbo20 Ajelp JacksonPalmer wowa24 Dice2020 seanwattson williamshennie9 KevinS1994 Viksen lEscanore See ya all next time and take care!!! You need to edit your post, not make a new ones Day 1: Imagine that you work as Stake marketing manager, what new campaign would you design in order to bring new users to site? Original ideas only, crazy ideas will be accepted too Day 2: Give me an idea how the next Discord challenge should look like.

To all of you who were asking in support why prizes are not equally distributed, answer is simple, only few of you answered on the correct requirement that I have asked here, all others missed the topic, since I was asking for complete layout redesign, not Stake logo, BUT who ever participated got a prize, I thought it is better to give you some small piece of prize as motivation to improve yourself in future challenges, then to give you nothing.

Once again, thanks to a Exactly, am not telling am satisfied with this, but it seems that users are more comfortable with using software to draw then pencil and paper. Awards are shared equally to all users, I do not want to have first, second place etc based only on my judgement. Redesigning the layout, moving elements or even adding new, or redesigning the old ones. Computer and software is not what I wanted, it will be accepted, but I prefer old school drawings. Criteria is already given, and it is simple, as long as user puts effort and time into developing idea for this, and then of course, transfers that idea on paper or makes some computer image, he will get the prize. I would like you to draw, and post it on Discord, how would you like to see Stake, I want you to draw new Stake layout, and use a few sentences to describe it a little better.

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Hi After a whole night without a sleep, and hard decisions he had to make... Thepug I hope I will manage to do more of these giveaways in the future with some similar creative topic, thanks to all of you once again. Since I guess pretty much all of us are in all slots flash casino australia total or at least some kind of lockdown due to this situation happening lately, I decided to add some positive energy and I really hope you are going to help me. There is no better way to stay positive and be in good mood then to laugh a bit. Or laugh a lot, depends how this contest works out. Starting from their really trusted games, to the way they do hear and care what the community actually wants. Besides the awesome and fast supp Depends on which game you play. To elaborate it a little, this will be a score based on how many posts a user has and also what is the quality of these posts. In 10 posts, if a user posts only one-word spam but is willing to join a giveaway, then be sure they will have a really low to 0 change of winning. Also, for the 250 giveaway, if in 250 posts you managed to get a lot of warnings, posted only in off-topic emu casino australia login area or even only at giveaways, then again, your chance of not being counted can be pretty high. It is to prevent coin farming and is fair that they ask of this.

I have seen it done but under these rules and being honest with support can go along way... Like, when people ask, should I go for 1000x in plinko. Those of us that have been here a while knows whem its time as there is no need to ask, you know when you know. Well it would take a few volunteers and some more time than used on tele challenges. This idea be used for tele challenge but can also be done as regular challenges also.

Its where e c erybody starts off with a hint or clue. Yeah, that game except finding places it would be rolling a bet, or tipping Well. Mine was 30 eth win on plinko, but it was am accident. Push yourself, the way to big money here to through big wagers. They once told me vets have a better win advantage amd they were right Just stay on path. I do visit my local channel whenever I am up hosting games and rains. Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is? Promote the healthy interactions among the players. Hidden bets mode must be disabled during the whole duration of the promotion. Do not change the seeds in between the bets, nonce has to be consecutive. Hidden bets mode must be disabled during the whole duration of the promotion.

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Do n All VIP levels have their base amounts and those base amounts are increasing as you level up in the VIP program. Apart from the base amounts, you are receiving bonus that is based on your wager for the past 7 days, but as you already know, marketing team is sending those bonuses and we are not familiar with the formula that they are using for calculating them.

The bonuses section in the statistics that we are sending to the users does not include only the weekly bonus that you have claimed or that you are going to claim, but it also includes rakeback, rains, reloads, monthly bonuses, as well as the bonuses that you are receiving from us while leveling up in the VIP program.

Diamonds: Win a Full House combined of Pink and lucky nugget casino canada Light Blue diamonds. I would like to know what your opinion is regarding certain topics so make sure to give an explanation alongside your answers. Since there are two questionnaires, and Discord giveaways last for 7 days, you can reply to the first questionnaire during the first 3 days (that means until Wednesday) and to the other part of the questionnaire until the end of this giveaway. I hope that you are doing fine and that you are in a mood for this next Discord Challenge! Win a bet by rolling at least four of these numbers: 11. We are all aware of the situation that is currently going on around us and I suppose that you are spending most of the time at home during these days so I want you to tell me what are your favorite indoor activities? Are you taking care of your body and exercise every day? Maybe some of you are watching movies and binging TV shows? Stake username: respektvlad On March 27, the Russian national team will play their first home match as part of the qualifying campaign for the World Cup in Qatar. We all remember the last match between Russians and Slovenes very well.

It became truly tragic for domestic fans, especially after a great performance at Euro 2008.

What our players did on the eve of the return match, we also remember well.

I know every step my kids made, every website they visited, and how many minutes of each game they played. Lurking in crypto world without knowing what it is at all? Searching for guilts if failed and refusing any personal responsibility?