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Her page on facebook says she mostly helps pigeons and dove rescue and rehab but in truth she rescues, bird of prey, swans, ducks, geese, all the wild birds you can think of. She gets no support from anyone and often she will stay awake all night caring for a small sick animal.

I met her briefly once to hand over a sick bird, she traveled all the way from the IOW to Southampton spending her own money to pay for 4 taxis and 2 ferry jorneys just for one bird. She is a really nice caring person with a true heart of gold and I have never met anyone who is so deserving than her.

She works closely with a vet and is often confronted with vet bills although many are free. I just hope some of you on here have a heart for this lovely lady who works so hard for our wildlife. I see it recently on the news and they recognise gaming as an illness now. I can remember years ago when I was at work rushing to get home as fast as great canadian casino bus I could just to play a video game on my console and I also remember doing the same just to go play slots in a local arcade and top me the feeling was the same. What are your thoughts on this and who else has ever an addiction to both gaming and gambling? Prefer the one with the progressive jackpots at the top. I have other favourites but Doubleup Ducks is the one I play the most Hi, I am at present 50 years old, started gambling when I was about 8 years old. My first gamble was on the Swanage sea front in the sea front arcades on the penny pushers. Within an hour your arm felt like it was gonna drop off lol but hey, they were fun.

Those coin pushers were the machines that I think everyone at some point nudged and set off the alarm I mean it just has to be done lol. I think as the jackpots got bigger and the stakes got bigger over time it kind of killed the excitement (at least for me it did). In the last 15 years I have been playing slots online where I fond they do seem to payout a lot more but can also take a lot more on a bad run. For me It was not winning the money but just the fun of playing and hitting those jackpots because it was like I have acheved something even for a a few moments.

When playing in the arcades I did meet some good people but mostly grumpy bad losers. Since playing online I have met more people who I find to be easier to get along with and seem a lot less dramatic when losing. I have played roulette, blackjack, video slots, bingo and a few other crazy games with the slots being my all time favourites.

I have won several jackpots on bingo 2 were one after the other in canada casino casinobonusca the same room. I have won countless progressive jackpots but nothing massive, mostly minors or majors. I have always found after winning a jackpot that no matter what slot you play after it will take it all back everytime. I seem to come from a family who are mostly gamblers with just the odd one or two who dont really gamble. I too have had some major issues with gambling along with my brother who no longer gambles at all. Now for me I try to gamble only as a form of entertainment when I can afford it but always stop when I have either had enough or reached a point where I think I have deposited enough. I think this community is a good thing and I also appreciate very much Pauls channel.

I have watched and listened to Paul on stream for sometime now and there is never a dull moment.

I must confess, a lot of the reason I drift over to youtube is only to see if Paul has uploaded any new videos or to see if he is streaming. I can see he is a genuine guy with a generous heart and only hope other people do not try to take an advantage of that.

I am not much of a chin wagger in great canadian casino bus chat but prefer to sit back and enjoy the stream plus reading everyone elses chat. Just wanted to introduce myself, share some of my history as a gambler and to show my appreciation to this community. Well its been a long wait but finally the site is here. My name is Dion Fitzgerald from Southampton UK and proud to be part of this community. This definitely looks an interesting forum with loads of content, am having great fun browsing through it all at the moment!

Very much looking forward to meeting you other members! This game is really interesting to watch but the problem is you can do your rocks in no time at all! My conspiracy side says to me that all streamers are fake... I think Stop and Step is genuine though - simply because he never wins! That Roshtein bloke is definitely a fake, he was caught out on video! Do what makes you happy not what makes everyone else Happy. I get drunk and let the alcohol decide what happens. Could be a nice girl, could be a pig, could be a tranny, could be a jail cell, or could be hospital.

Not sure why people are laughing great canadian casino inc at your comment mate.

I 2nd that Zynga is by far the most realistic with super fast payouts. Massive selection of games, and never get people going all in with 2 7 off. Just saying, there really is something else out there to give you that same rush. Go back to Holdem and think what the fuck only 2 cards. And when you know what your doing its an easy game. Yaeah mate I have noticed a lot if im winning heaps of hands BOOM move me to a table with big stacks and similar players... You say that you are doing great at your job, so you are an asset for them. Always ask for better or leave for better if you truly deserve it. The old days where you could spent your full working life in a company and being the boss at the end are done. Plus you would have more time with your family which is way more valuable than money to me, but that depend on you. I used to play poker (cash NL 50 x6 ) and also won few tournament for some good money, I wanted to be pro for a while.

But I prefered to focus on my studies and I only play for fun or little amounts now! I saw that i can put a link in a signature, so I put it in. Why was it removed, I do not know, apparently some bug, otherwise why there is such a possibility. I like to vent my emotions playing my favorite slots )). Although 2020 was not the great canadian casino bus easiest, but for me personally it was successful )) In the New Year I wish you a lot of Epic Wins and More Sex )) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Paypal canada casino

I mean not only deposit, i mean playing like the main currency, not on euro or usd, but exactly on BTC or LTC?

Even if they will hype it, buying a scam active is always bad way. So if players won - provider will not get any fees, but also it has no any risk.

The best wat to write them, to return all deposit from this card or consulate founds, if they would not do it - say u gonna go to the bank and use chargeback, but u gonna be ban forever on WH.

I am increasing my knowledge in the game of blackjack, as I have only just dived into this world. I also heard there are some transaction fees if you want to transfer money to your account or something like that. I have recently started to look into the different payment methods that are popular in online gambling. Does anyone have experience using PayPal for online casinos? I am particularly interested in the deposits and the speed of the withdrawals. In another article, I saw that PayPal withdrawals are immediately credited to your bank account. Thank you in advance What are the developments regarding corona and the lockdown in your country? Does this also have much influence on your gambling activities? In my country (Germany), the lockdown has already been extended to April... And what about the payout speed- en methods at Leovegas? By the way, what about ireland and the coronavirus? I will slowly start to immerse myself in this field. Hey everyone, My name is Jonas and I live in Germany. My first gamble was on the Swanage sea front in the sea front arcades on the penny pushers. Within an hour your arm felt like it was gonna drop off lol but hey, they were fun. Those coin pushers were the machines that I think everyone at some point nudged and set off the alarm I mean it just has to be done lol.