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In UK lottery, a small percentage of individuals ever become winners of huge amounts of money and many leo vegas casino australia of them get disappointed each week. However, this popular Spanish lottery provides this winning experience to a huger percentage of people. In the draw for Christmas Spanish lottery EUR3 million was allocated to all the winning billetes numbering 180. In the draw for 2005, the number that won was sold in Vic town, Catalonia whose population is 37,825.

Significantly improved odds are offered by this Spanish lottery, of securing a cash prize, in comparison to UK lotto you have a great chance of 1 in 6, of attaining a cash prize while in UK lottery your chances are 1 in 52.

When playing lotteries like the UK lotto, more tickets are produced each time a pound is used up this signifies that there is never a shortage of tickets for any of the draws for each week. El Gordo is totally different as just a specific number of tickets are printed and after all of them are sold, no more are produced. The El Gordo does not just trigger a lot of excitement in Spain, but currently all over the globe because of the rising number of ticket sales agents of online lottery. So, it is important for you to obtain your preferred number of tickets immediately they are made available, to prevent disappointment.

If you are a regular lottery player, you possibly just play whichever one is accessible in your province, country or state.

But are you aware that numerous states all over the globe provide lotteries also? Do you know that the Spanish lottery is really fascinating?

In Spain, there are no taxes whatsoever on lottery winnings. In contrast, in the United States huge lottery winners are expected to pay a percentage of 30 or 40 in taxes, of their winnings, while there is no tax in the Spanish lottery.

There is no place in the globe where you encounter such jackpots. The Spanish lottery presents a lot of other games as well such as El Nino Lottery it also takes part in EuroMillions that presents some large jackpots as well. Finally, Spanish El Gordo lottery is the most ideal as individuals can purchase tickets online even if they are not residents in Spain. This means that despite where you stay in the globe, you can take part in jackpot lotteries of billion dollars. Numerous websites exist which provide El Gordo tickets however, to counter fraud, ensure you examine them. You can purchase tickets for El Gordo online, whether you reside in Spain or outside. Numerous websites provide tickets for El Gordo however, make sure you examine them to prevent swindle. When the winnings are huge, individuals purchase more tickets, leading to even huger prize quantities. This is the way the renowned Spanish El Gordo lottery turned into the hugest lottery worldwide.

In 1812, Spanish Christmas lottery was begun since then, it has gained so much fame that an approximate percentage of 75 of the population in Spain purchase a ticket for lottery or part of one ticket. There is also an approximation that every Spaniard on average, uses up about 70 Euros for El Gordo! A percentage of 30 of sales from lottery go to the state in form of taxes and a percentage of 70 are allocated to prizes. The winnings below 2500 are free from tax up to now. El Gordo gains popularity also because the cash prize is distributed over winning numbers of more than 15000 therefore, a lot of cash prizes which are smaller are available. Some speculate the odds of winning are 1:3 while others claim it is a percentage of 15. You do not select your personal numbers El Gordo requires you to purchase a ticket printed beforehand. The Christmas Lottery presents 100,000 varied numbers. Every ticket number consists of a picture (nativity) that alters each year. On December 22nd rtg casinos australia annually, there is a drawing of the winning figures. This occurs on national television in Spain (live) this culture goes back many years. Lottery for El Gordo goes back more than 200 years, from 1812 on 4th March. The kids select from one drum and disclose the lottery number by singing and then select a prize from the remaining drum for that figure and sing it out also. Obviously, due to the funds concerned, it presents extremely thrilling viewing, up to the time the winning figures for the drawing of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth prizes. The huge prizes which each person is awaiting are 1st prize, 2nd prize, one 3rd prize, two 4th prizes and 5th prizes numbering 8 as well as a lot of smaller prizes. A ticket or billete for El Gordo has a number containing 5 digits it is pre-printed. Every ticket figure consists of various sets or series of similar ticket figure.

The precise amount of series and tickets and their cost also, and precise allocation of prizes as well is different each year. A series resembles a sheet of A4 consisting of 10 tickets that are smaller. A complete ticket sheet or billet is bought at 200 Euros. The first El Gordo prize is allocated to one winning number.

In 2013, the first EL Gordo prize went to one winning figure the amount of the first prize was 4 million in euros. There was a series of 160 of the number for first prize therefore, 4 million was allocated 160 times.

This is to a complete ticket or sheet with this figure. The final year of prizes for El Gordo being un-taxed was 2012. A lot of myths and traditions exist on the way to select the winning figure. The money from the prize is distributed around the entire family.

You are always going to view TV images of an entire town or village neighborhood each 22nd December, kissing, hugging, dancing and taking Cava!

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Each of them has won El Gordo, Spanish Christmas Lottery. If you reside outside Spain, a lot of online firms that sell tickets are available. A number of them might be possibly very authentic and reliable however, it is advisable for you to analyze their references meticulously prior to purchasing. For winnings that are smaller, of 1000 euros, pick your winnings for lottery at the offices for lottery tickets in Spain. Amounts that are bigger are picked at specific Spanish banks such as Banco Popular, BBVA, Santander and Caixa Blanc.

There is no commission charge imposed by the banks on lottery allocations, neither is the opening of an account by you required. You may also get in touch with Loterias y Apuestas del Estado, a Spanish lottery organization, by phone, fax or through their website. In current years, a lot of illustrations of swindles by individuals claiming to be representatives of Lottery for El Gordo have occurred. These mostly target people who do not reside in Spain, who are not aware of the operations of the lottery. Loterias y Apuestas de Estado is the authorized operator or Spanish El Gordo lottery. Estado issued a caution about swindlers making use of the El Gordo name and forging bank forms and documents to get money under deceitful means. Emails and mailings are transmitted to UK clients alleging they are winners in Spanish lottery. Authentic lottery prizes in Spain are always exempt from taxes. Avoid purchasing your ticket very late you may find each free canadian casino slots of the tickets for lottery has been sold out! I am not really sure about the Spanish Christmas lottery. Well, thanks for this thread and explaining what it is all about... Might probably try this if I visit a Spanish country on Christmas eve. I am actually planning to visit other countries in the month of December. Learned another fun fact I can share with my friends. Hi, any one with idea of how best to use the Double up feature in Video Poker. Hi, any one with idea of how best to use the Double up feature in Video Poker.

The best way to use the Double Up feature is to not use it at all. The best way to use the Double Up feature is to not use it at all. The best way to use the Double Up feature is to not use it at all. Dear Dan and fellow Video Poker Player, Thanks for your suggestion, I have tested it several times and realised that the more you DOULE UP in VP, the more free canadian casino slots it become aggressive ( more swinging of up and down) and this will ruin you bank roll and finish you quickly. The best way to use the Double Up feature is to not use it at all. There are great uses for this kind of feature because there are just some people who are doing well because there are a lot of aspects that you can take a look at because video poker games are just soi good to see.

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Hopefully, there are people who will have some kind of aspects because you can get some better aspects of the game that you can take advantage of. Hopefully, there are some people who will have this kind of thing because there are a lot of features that you can take a look at and take advantage of it as well because there are some features that you can use it as well. To gain an edge over online playing and in land based casinos. Strategy involves number of boxes, positions and wagering increases. This is a unique strategy and will have the edge above all other blackjack strategies including card counting.

Though these days card counting is redundant my new strategy beats multiple decks and constant shuffle machines. Get excited Do you think this strategy could be used for other games? Do you think this strategy could be used for other games? Why dont you start counting the cigarette butts in the ash trays like some clown proposed 20 years ago. Stressful players smoke more so dirty ash trays equals losing players. A smart person discovers something and keeps it for him or herself.

A pro gambler wants nothing to do with those doing everything to get something for free, without the necessary input, required to become and stay successful! After 3 rolls all bets are taken down and no further bets are placed until the next come free canadian casino slots out roll, then the cycle repeats.

A modification of this could be to include a place bet (without odds) to hedge against a come out 7 to limit my losses.

I like this as it will work on any table, including crapless tables and is quite simple to implement. It does have the disadvantage of not profiting off of long rolls, but will offer modest gains with the presses. On the other hand taking down the bets protects me on lukewarm tables.... Most rolls are in the 3-5 range so you are protecting yourself against those top casinos australia sort of rolls. You obviously will get hit on Point, 7 out or Point, Number, 7 out or Point, number, number, 7 out. Actually, I was thinking of a pass line bet to protect me against a come out 7 (since my place bets are on). Of course, I could just leave them off I suppose....

It would give me a partial reimbursement should the player 7 out (at the cost of the come out 7), while also offering the occasional win when a craps is rolled.

Will have to try a few variations and see which one I enjoy most. I do something similar, but only on a shooters first come out. The probability does not change just because it is a come out roll. Make the bets you like with the best odds and hope they hit.