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I dont really play a lot of blackjack or any of the card based table games so I dont have much opinion on it. LetsGiveitASpin had a lot of good hits on side bets last night if you watched his stream after Paul hosted him, so you can be lucky, but yeah the options are there to take your money.

But nobody at the end check how much they have put on sidebets and how much they have won or lost... But croupier plays a lot and for this year he is up.. Last time i played the guy next to me was hiting on sidebets like every 2n or 3rd hand... Just wondering have banks tighten up their rules on deposits to gaming sites in the last 6 months.

Hey, So was playing live roulette and zero section, jackpot number was 26. I see this very often on computer roulette, the same number coming in 3 times in a row. Many years ago in a London based casino number 4 came in 7 times in a row! Was looking at the history of game play and the only reason I got back the 1K was cause 23, 10, and 5 came in one after the other, all tiers numbers.

Hey, I was 900 in on roulette, down to last 100 and built back up to 1000. Was so excited and also with change of dealers, I forgot to double my bet as I always do, number 26 repeated. Click on any other video Paul has done on roulette, I guarantee it will also work for them. Please all try with a small balance - and post your results! It takes a lot to remember so maybe do it on computer roulette. Clearly can see the ball already in the pocket, and coming out and go into 5th away!!! So, only happened, somebody stepped into my game and taken off my bet from the table. It is not a big amount, but that was mine you know. Today, I go up onto 21casino, and start to play online, live auto speed roulette.

I will create a ticket for further investigation, kindly allow me some time to do so. I share my knowledge, if it can help great, if not no problem. Therefore I have started my journey and share my stories. How to Create new INCOME stream playing online roulette in less than 1 day Without fear of losing, being math-Wizz or cheating Yes, i agree that RNG is random, on the other hand if someone wants to play online roulette, why not to do it like any other business? Base on this long time experience I have put together certain rules how to take maximum advantages playing online roulette. I share this knowledge with you on my several webpages. I have also so far developed 23 Apps for online roulette money management and numbers predictions. Maybe this info can help you to improve your playing style and become profitable, maybe not as nothing is guaranteed. I also offer App for FREE if you want to give it a try.

I will be happy for your feedback, ideas, comments. After everything that has happened over the last 15 years I can safely say I feel safe depositing my money on there.

That is not to say the other poker sites are not trusted FYI.

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Winamax is not available in the UK although the tournaments are very soft is you live in their target area. Partypoker is a very good site with some very good value tournaments.

I really enjoy their software and tournament schedule.

I get a live tournament feel playing on this site due this. There is no one in the history of planet earth that runs worse than I do. I will keep my eyes open for my thank you gift in the post Yet another gambler who has lost a bunch of money and instead of taking the blame on their foolish decision they blame the casino. He even went as far as saying if he finished the year even or in a loss he would consider quitting gambling forever so I expect its a good one. Generally the entire process is muuuuuuuch quicker tho. Same scenario with Paypal, the casino processes it normally in 12-24 hours. Its kind of a no brainer to use it I use Paypal where possible but I would like to correct one thing from above. Once the money is in your paypal account, you can then transfer it from Paypal to your bank account instantly. If I withdraw from William Hill at 10pm at night, I would normally wake up in the morning to find the money is in Paypal and then 30 seconds later its in my bank account.

Itchy Feet is being cash hammered, since 40s then 33s now ripped down to 16s then back up to 20s, so going to be very interesting, as to where it will be on race day morning, best of chances Hckz, like you, got some cracking early mad odds, on some, but they are all dripping down fast, now it is getting closer, just hope the weather holds out for the whole event! Checked with Chelmsford live to ensure that the meet is still going on, as storm big is hitting essex hard over there and the fog stopped it last time.. Think someone nabbed the idea a while back already SM? Should definitely be an easy thing to add to a live stream event though!!!

Adam might actually send you one in the mail, all pickled and 1000 years old!!!

Where do you think the previous picks weeks came from!!!!! I thought it was originally called Twotter and Instacrap was InstaGran? Might be easier to just DM everyone on here, as we are all pretty trusting and likely, most are not on any form of social media, so they will not share the love with the other 5 billion people on social media, that have no idea what the real world is like to live in nowadays!!!

But, on the other side of the, its always tails playing roulette coin, when you bet on heads, at least you will not do it again at BetTiltFair again Paul? Francis Race 1 - Champ 20 pts Race 2 - Mister Malarky 10 pts Race 3 - Uradel 10 pts Race 4 - Min 20 Win Race 5 - Tiger Roll 15 pts Race 6 - Band of Outlaws 10 pts Race 7 - Meticulous 15 pts Cheltenham Selections Tuesday 12 th..... Supreme Novices ------- Mister Fisher 20 pts Race 2. The Arkle----- Lalor 20 pts Race 3 Ultima -------Mister Whitaker 10 pts Race 4 Champion Hurdle -------- Sharjah 15pts Race 5 Mares Hurdle ------- Stormy Ireland 15pts Race 6 Novices chase ------ Del Oro.

Hey Guys The way to deal with this is to get a group together.... That way you ensure that you are all seeing the same results for the same game. Maybe you are playing the machine and they aonly make you feel it is live and thousands of people are playing the same game. So, some of you can play 12 numbers around 36, some of you can play 12 numbers around 0 and some 12 numbers around 33. You can also each add some random numbers outside your zone to make up 18 numbers. The easy withdrawal casinos australia dealers are capable of playing in the zone they want so cover all the areas between you and see if they are tricking you. If they are not playing tricks then you should be ok. I have never had issues with the numbers changing etc.

BUT BUT BUT I constantly feel that I am PLAYING ALONE.. The wins they post scrolling easy withdrawal casinos australia up the screen is another trick... It needs a group so it is not costly to one person to do it. Disgusting ifnit was brushed under the carpet the streamer or if not possible at least a mod should have whispered and tried to chat to them point them in the direction of real help!!

And my whisper inbox is always open for your wise words of wisdom You have fun now lad!

You cannot disagree that gambling house of jack casino australia is a fun and exciting activity.

For many people, it has become a significant part of their lifestyle. Some of them are looking for a new way of entertaining and testing their luck. Others want to earn some money, placing bets and winning rewards. Some more experienced players unite these features and make gambling their hobby. However, like any other thrilling pastime, gambling can be addictive. And when the addiction is detected, one should take actions immediately in order not to let it ruin lives.

I have researched this topic and would like to share some info about it. Reasons for Developing Gambling Addiction It is hard to tell the definite set of reasons why people get addicted to anything. Sometimes the outside factors can stimulate the addiction. But mostly the personal psychological features make the person responsive to the gambling influence. They can include the desire to be a leader and showcase the dominance above other players. Another case is easy withdrawal casinos australia the need to feel satisfaction and joy when in real life, the person experiences only failures and disappointments. Low self-esteem and disposition to depression can become factors for developing a gambling addiction. Childhood fears and complexes can lead to choosing a gambling path. Instead of developing a successful career to be financially independent, the person wants to get money fast and effortlessly. People are forced to stay at home for a long time without decent social contacts. The overall availability of gambling facilities, legal status in many countries, constant gambling advertising in mass media.

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Gambling Addiction Checklist If you have collected more than 5 points from this list, it is the urgent need to take actions in fighting your gambling addiction.

Uncontrollable desire to gambleChronic sleep issuesAnxiety and irritability, when you cannot playDepression when not playingGradually growing gambling obsessionKeeping playing despite the physical, psychological, financial issuesGrowing debts, spending all earnings and savings on gamblingCriminal ways of getting money for playing (stealing, scamming, etc. Get Your Life Back: 5 Steps for Treating Addiction Study your problem. Ask the special medical and psychological centres for help. Join support groups like Gambling Anonymous fellows etc. Add yourself to the GamStop gambling self-exclusion scheme. I have collected information about with gambling problems.

You can find out more and get their contacts in my article. Unfortunately, my colleagues at work got sick, I have been on self-isolation at home for a week now. I already know that I will ask Santa Claus for the New Year! A land-based casino this year the crisis hit, unfortunately and many people were knocked down, including me. Listen, every single forum on the internet is filled with shills for the casino.

Because, as mentioned before, they are Degens and or mad. I truly believe that they have regularized RTP to stop any wild swings in their own monthly profits.

And the reason it is not illegal, is becasue the overall RTP is consistent with what regulators demand. What is frustrating, is that if it was all just purely maths, then there is nothing stopping someone going on an indefinite winning streak or a losing streak. On a side note, my mother was a croupier in Las Vegas and my dad a professional card counting Blackjack player. This is not the same gambling world and infrastructure we live in now. These are not the same games my parents were seasoned at. I hear what you are saying but you should at least take a look at the video. Why would you not use the latest technology to ensure that you have a consistent RTP instead of wild swings in your monthly profits? Not online casino canada legal really shocked, but most the videos out there trying to show the wheel being manipulated are a little sketchy at best. Base on this long time experience I have put together certain rules how to take maximum advantages australian casino no deposit playing online roulette.