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Although they are clingy, but they are too cute anyway. It was so longggg ago but it was so nostalgic every time I play it. Initially took a lot losses but learned with the time. This is when I told support about the roulette winning. For instance : WOW that was a bold choice Maurits Cornelis , why would you do that? It pretty much helped me in a good way, financially I mean. My biggest fault is spending a lot of time on the site.

I always take time to appreciate people and things that I love. Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat? I mean u do realize that a casino like any other business HAS to make money right? But after giving it several chances, I never won a single session on it, and will never play it again. My most common strat is where i start out trying to bet really smart and small and start to win then go a lil crazy and hit excessively and win big right away really fast and then get carried away and give it all back to Eddie at warp speed.... Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat? Plat 2 will be not so easy to grind but step by step. Cheers Merry Christmas to everyone, I wish you all the best for futur days for you and family Thanks again to Stake for everything you are doing.

Here you will find my 2 Christmas Trees of the agency i own for my agent and customers. I will edit my post in the afternoon to take my Home Christmas Tree. I put on my paper the date of my suscription instead the submission of the post.

I only placed bets on Asian Market just to be safe. It does suck, but to be fair, even support is allowed to make mistakes.

I do think they should reward people who bet on Total Market for this week though since it was a little bit of a grey area and a bunch of people got confused. As far as I know, only hockey and soccer have Asian Market bets.

Tampa bay buccaneers 3) Jersey number of first touchdown scorer - Odd 4) Will there be a 2-point conversion attempt? Bayern are in a great moment and have an average australian casino online 2018 of 2.

Central coast is currently the leader of the A-league, and his momentum is far superior to that of M. I am playing scarab spins to qualify canadian casino paypal to the existing challenge. I would just like to ask what are the requirements before your VIP host will enable your reload. Stake employees can not participate in official Stake. I must say I have a similar experience with coming here!

That is good goal Hopefully you will strengthen quickly and leave it completely About a year ago, after being a smoker for years and at one point starting with electronic one, I left my addiction.

I wish for you to make better decisions and maybe then you will be free to join us again in peace. When you wake up in the morning, you spend 10 minutes trying to remember if you had a dream at night, do this exercise every day, and over time you may be able to remember more of your dreams, there are days when I have more 4 dreams per night. Speaking of other realities, I believe that we live among many realities at the same time, but we do not realize, there are many dimensions or plans. Then you research about Astral Projection, it is when the person can get out of the physical body, canadian casino paypal and can get in contact with t Hello! How many dreams do you have at night or in the morning? Make a report about a dream that you remembered, and you will never forget, it was so real. Some people are able to wake up within their dreams becoming lucid of everything that is happening, they know they are dreaming and they can control their dreams, and they can do almost anything, many call it Lucid Dreaming. If you had the power to be invisible, what would you do? I hope you use your invisibility skill correctly, use your imagination and start to feel your super power. If you could travel back in time and stay 12 hours in the past or in the future, what would you do differently in the past or what would you change in your future?

So this topic is for you, use your creativity, inspiration, imagination and write short stories, incredible stories, it can be about your life, about Stake casino, or about anything.

If you were to give a gift to the support team, your VIP host, community manager, Administrators, moderators, or stake employees, what would you give? If you want to put the name of the person who would like to send a nice gift, comment on why you chose that person. Could have a forecast of which cryptocurrency valued the most during the week or month. It would work like this: Players wishing to participate would have to predict which cryptocurrency available at the Stake casino will be most valued in the week spin palace casino canada download or month. The amount of the bet would not matter, but the amount of sports bets made during the week. What do you most enjoy doing here at Stake Casino and the forum? Do you like participating in promotions and challenges that can earn you free cryptocurrencies?

Make a comment so we can know what you like to do here. It is crazy when you check you transaction history.. How time flies and regret if you just hold it and just put it in your wallet. Otherwise you would have noticed his suspicious behavior, a real player never asks for coins, really never... Spam away Giveaway or Stream in Silence, who have registered in the forum for the Eddie Stream Giveaway, are listed and all who have more than 5 messages are disqualified. Except maybe that it will be triggered repeatedly at some point and canadian casino paypal all rains will be counted until then... The prize money will be distributed randomly to 100 places. It is not complicated to write 10 comments or opinions of yours on non-performing topics.

Successfully Pray that you will be lucky and play afterwards There is really no good time.. For the purpose of promotion, an e-mail is sent to 100 players who must rank the community managers. Of course you are not allowed to tell community managers in chat about receiving the e-mail - oops I did not notice :).

In the end there is no way because every gambler is also greedy.. If you enjoy and play with money you have it is the best..

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In a casino, impatience will result in either a quick loss of money or a quick profit of money. Successfully Do you really believe that if you had the statistics.. Even a real casino like Blackjack and Roulette does not have a 100 percent guaranteed profit strategy. If there was a profit strategy all the casinos in the world would close.

Gambling is generally a pleasure and not a substitute for work. I do not understand why they do not give you the statistics you ask for..

And up from Gold to PL4 in 4 days of 2021 Account: Dontbelate2 No money to up level now. LMAO Started play on Stake since 2017 with first account name remenber Then 2018 change to dontbelate 2019-2020 change to dontbelate2 2021 change to dontbelate3 Lol but luck is somewhere i can not touch. But biggest lose was 45k in 3 days after the win Sad story You could run script in long time. I run script a year ago canadian casino paypal but after got over 1000x on 99x it busted my bal. Unless someone beats Makachev and calls him out or something. Walang shortcut kasi amount wagered ang batayan sa pagangat.

Always was and would always stay like this, I think (although from time to time I do like other sports).

Perhaps there could be Casino Races and Sports Races, as I mainly like to bet on Sports... I personally feel like these races are for whales or for guys with really deep pockets, perhaps having a race for Sports only might produce a totall Thanks for sharing it. Dont know what to say, other than i hope that you get through it, and i wish you The best! Spend time with your loved ones, they Will help you getting through it more than anyone! You WILL be losing more than you are supposed to in The Long run by doing what you suggest... Claim your coupon in the post Where you participated in.