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The news section will include news, reviews and additional topics as we update the content. Thanks again for your great feedback, really helpful! Thanks for your suggestion and for wanting to provide additional support for charities. We are currently working on a charity page for the website that will detail all the money that has been raised for charity through RocknRolla and 21Casino so far and the charities that can be voted for for the monthly donation. Within this post we can add the links to each charity incase people wish to donate to them individually anyway. Hopefully that will provide somewhere for people to do what you have suggested. Thanks again for taking the time to leave canada casino no deposit bonus codes your feedback. Want to take away the temptation from gambling online? Rock n Rolla is offering a code whereby you can get Gamban FREE for 3 months. Gamban is software that allows you to restrict access to online gambling activity across all your devices. He also has a limited number of 1 year exclusion codes each month. You will need to provide us with your forum username so we can check you qualify. To enter the competition, for further details and terms and conditions see our GIVEAWAY page here! From what I can tell though, the main difference has really been luck. I think when you scrutinise someone for trying to help, however, you open yourself up for critique. As Paul said, it started as a way of helping myself in the early stages of canada casino no deposit bonus codes recovery. I got so much great feedback from people who told me that I WAS helping that I started to get real satisfaction from knowing I was, in some very small way, doing some good. As GroundisKey suggested, it started as a way to talk about things during the early stages of my recovery. It transpired that, by doing so, canada casino no deposit bonus codes I was also helping other people (not my words, the words of the many people who have messaged me or commented to say so)... I want to get into speaking more about gambling to younger people and maybe my channel can act as a stepping stone towards that.

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Either way, I love hearing from people who say that watching my videos helps them. Paul was actually top of my list to contact as a potential guest. Personally I think it will be harmful for the CasinoGrounds brand. One thing this has bought to light is the widespread dislike of streamers.

I guess we will have to wait to see the true fallout of this situation. Welshman, If you do want to stop then there has (genuinely) never been a better time. Gamstop will take care of that and, as an added layer of protection, why not withdraw and keep any spare money in cash. Obviously this will change but it buys you some time to get other blocks in place. I have said few times both to rolla on whisper and on here it dont have to be stream. A seperate video probably would work better infact. I think some with respect are choosing to overlook just exactly what ive said and feel im trying to gain something. Once again i asked streamers simply cos the viewrrs and subs are gamblers in majority.

This is NOT about me, it is NOT from a selfish or personal gain place, its simply an idea to help. I have spoken to rolla cpl years ago when i was in height of my addiction with a diff twitch name. I also did a video on andy margetts channel, people can search that if so wished here this was filmed early in recovery.

I get what your saying hackz and understand but to me this isnt a competetion on who best to do this or whos had worse experiences etc, to me im just trying to help and given ive said to paul by all means email or call me prior and have a chat to see if its worthwhile from what he finds then im no way just barging in from unknown and wanting to be thrust onto a massive channel. I totally get that fella, i do follow those mentioned too and think they are good for anyone struggling. As for the video talking with me i am more than happy to do as mentioned, if you want to get in touch privately even to discuss weather it is an option you want to go through with or maybe not, ive left my email in o. Appreciate you may be busy so obviously dont expect it immediately.

It dont have to be stream, perhaps a q and a across zoom as a video or live or somethin as i said..

All i am trying to do is offer something different but helpful. I can do i just think the streamers have a lot of viewers and subs to channel and i have not seen what i am suggesting before which to me is a shame because yes, as much as its a buisness, obvious reality is that they get a lot of gamblers watching and so law of averages id say suggests some, even one, is struggling. If me appearing on the channel in whichever form suggested above who has been there, done that and paid prices but also come no deposit sign up bonus mobile casino australia 2018 through other side and can offer advice on how to help them through it, helps that one person and they see it even accidentally like clicking on for gambling videos then surely its worthwhile for whats very little effort on my behalf and the streamers behalf. As said, im not here for anti gambling or to try and affect business in a negative way, just to possibly help a small minority who may find it helpful.

Hopefully that explains why i would like to do this on channel.

I know in past paul has spoken of it and seemed encouraging when i mentioned it on his stream other day and hopefully he will get on board with this. If not then so be it but to me it would be a shame Hi Paul. I am Fifa Greyhound, i spoke to you on last stream about potentially coming on as a recovering gambling addict and NOT preaching but just being there to maybe give a quick background and to answer any questions and give people advice from my experience to people who may be struggling. I have contacted a whole load of streamers about this with no response and its disappointing as i feel that given the large amount of viewers me doing this could help whilst also not taking away from buisness interests, its just something that if just one person is perhaps struggling they may find helpful and who knows it could save one person which make it all worthwhile.

Prior to any question and answer or stream i am happy to run through my background and story with you before you make your mind up and answer anything you may wish to ask.

Of course i am offering this free of charge just incase you perhaps thought i was one of these out there looking for payment and cash in.

As a side note i did go on andy margetts channel and that was well recieved. Anyway i understand you will be busy but if you can get back to me at some point in the near future either way then be much much appreciated.

The 7x 7x 2 on spin and win wheel which I missed out on because switching tabs my movement on touchpad expanded the page and missed repeat bet by a fraction of a second.

The 250x lightening number because I switched area. I launched my canada casino no deposit bonus codes channel yesterday after i passed my two years gamble free mark, i really hope listening to what i put out can help even just one person. Thank you and i hope youve all had a great Christmas. I suppose your situation depends on a lot of things, were you an existing customer?

After I received that email I was allowed to deposit another 4K before I told them I had a problem. I think the only way I can take this forward now is via the gambling commission, and I think the new regs that were released in relation to covid, and specifically this one, e) Conduct affordability assessments for individuals picked up by existing or new thresholds and triggers which indicate consumers experiencing harm. Consider limiting or blocking further play until the checks have been concluded and supporting evidence obtained. I have asked for an cash cabin casino canada update from both today, my case is still being looked into by the relevant departments.

Had an email back this afternoon basically confirming what I thought. Hot uk deals have quite a substantial thread with loads of info and updates of places getting stock in.