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The dealer had an A showing as well and asked if I wanted to take EVEN money. I was delighted to get my money back and get out of there unscathed.

I guess although I didnt lose money at the casino on this day, I did do much worse.

I taught my brain that if I act irresponsibly and do stupid chasing that it can get me even. This would not be a good lesson to learn and one that would RIP me many times in the future.

It was somewhat gambling related but it was also down to the fact that I had an apartment with the Mrs while she was at uni and was basically funding it by myself. I had been doing all the overtime hours I could get but I was struggling to keep my head above water. I had always been the type of person to go above and beyond in present buying for the girlfriend at the time and I was feeling super down at the thought of not being able to spoil her.

I had to walk best online casino australia reviews for about 10 minutes to the bus stop. Hilariously the bus stop was directly outside a casino. I went into the casino and withdrew money straight away. I remember this so clearly as it looked like 0 hit but found its way out at the last second.

I did a few spins and kept breaking even so I changed to BLACK and EVEN. Boom 28 came in and I won on both to double my balance. I could of bought some decent presents but a gambler always sees the chance for more. I remember working that day with a huge wad of cash in my pocket thinking I would need to work for 2 weeks to earn what I just earned in 5 minutes at the casino. Gambling had for once sorted me out when I needed it most. With some of them it has happened several times but they will still make it as long and as drawn out as possible before I get paid. The most prominent of the boys in blue with a dash of yellow are one of the best for paying out, the other 2 in blue are particularly bad. I hope that this story might give an interesting insight to what my experience in the bookies has often been. It is something a bit different to the usual theme of my stories. So I am resigned to the fact that I have to use the high street bookies still. It is largely successful, I have very rarely not got the money on which I want. As the bookies technology has progressed it has become slightly more difficult and you have to be a bit more coordinated but largely it is still pretty simple even to this day. Quite simply due to the concentration of betting shops in most urban areas and now the lack of experience in most of their staff members you can drop a flurry of bets just under their limits very quickly and no one bats an eyelid until their trading department cottons on.

Now focusing upon one of these landed coups or landed gambles if you prefer. Prior to this race all signs at the yard pointed towards him being fit and ready and he was entered into a race well within his ability to win. Upon further studying of the race I had concluded that my horse was the quality horse in the race. I had figured my horse 888 casino australia would be a fairly short price and I would probably just try to get a phone bet on in the morning of the race. A number of phone calls later I had rather a few friends and family members visiting cash machines and then in particular a certain red bookies to place bets for me.

The horse duly obliged and won, not quite as impressively as hoped, but won nonetheless. On the Friday evening, 6 days later with every single one of the betting slips in my pocket I do what I have done several times before. I turn up at my local bookies and plonk every single one of the big pile of the slips on the counter, of course this may seem foolish, why not just collect one at a time sporadically? There are a number of reasons for this, I am well recognised in pretty much every single one of the shops vaguely local to me and having tried it previously I encounter the exact same result as I do when I try to collect them all at once. Another reason is, it increases the chances of me being paid cash drastically, and I do not want to be paid cash. Anyway, the manager in the shop who I have known for years started looking through the shifts. He promptly picks up the phone and says he needs to phone his security department aussie casinos 2019 and boss (presumably some sort of regional manager? Sometime later, not unexpectedly I get told he has to make note of every slip number, return the slips to me and if I come back on Monday best online casino australia reviews I will get paid. I return on the Monday, I am not getting paid, I am told I need to return with proof of earnings.

It is quite frustrating as they know exactly who I am, we have been down this route before. I return the same day with several bank statements printed out and information from Companies House printed out. I am told it would take a week for them to process the information and I am given the telephone number direct to their Head of Customer Services if I wish to get in touch with them.

The following day still feeling quite frustrated I do decide to phone this person. I am told that it is required of them to validate the identity of their customers when they suspect money laundering.

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I question why they feel the need to do it pretty much every time I have successfully had bets placed with them, whereas their competitors do not, stating that clearly it cannot be a legal requirement to do it every time or their competitors would be inclined to do it too. I ask for what indicators they have that would make them believe that I am money laundering. A week canadian casino resorts later, I believe it was on the Tuesday morning I returned to the same shop, a few phone calls later I am told that the investigation is still ongoing and they say that their boss has suggested that I give him my number and he will contact me. Arriving back home the first thing on my mind is getting paid by the bastard bookies.

I arrive back at the bookies a lovely golden brown colour the day after arriving home. A phone call later I am told it has been passed by their security department and all information has been verified. Nope, they are conducting an investigation into the bets due to irregular betting patterns alongside the BHA.

I am told that they have tried to unsuccessfully contact me regarding this. Yes, no shit I was at the most British of weddings in a not so British tropical paradise on the otherside of the world. The wedding reception meal was a roast beef dinner with Yorkshire Puddings and all the trimmings!

More to the point now, why do they consider it irregular for a person whom they have previously limited heavily for doing the exact same thing to again successfully be able to due the exact same thing as they have so little control over it?

Anyway, all that said, I am again leaving the bookies with a wedge of betting slips in my pocket and no money, however now I have been given the number for the companies Chief Executives Office.

I do some investigatory work myself at this time, contacting a friend in the industry, to his knowledge the BHA has no interest in the particular race my horse won in. So anyway a call is arranged via the secretary of the Chief Executive at a time convenient for both of us. He is actually a pretty nice gentleman when we eventually speak however his understanding of the industry seems somewhat limited. I give a long explanation of how I have had both successful and unsuccessful gambles and there is no knowing or certainty, there are always factors beyond control, it is not a dead cert, it is still a gamble, but a gamble where the odds may well be in my favour as opposed to in his companies favour.

I ask for a definitive answer on when I am getting paid as I am ready to seek legal advice and I am considering publicising what I perceive to be a lack of ethics from his company. He tells me that my bets are no longer welcomed by his company, I asked for clarification on what that meant, apparently I was still allowed in and would be limited just the same so it made little sense to me with the addition of my then wife also being limited. I was also asked if I were laying these bets off, I am not certain australian casino no deposit sign up bonus he understood my answer but of course his trading team would.

Long story short I pretty much promised him that I am as much against arbing as the bookies were due to the restrictions it has presented me with as a genuine punter (albeit with a bit of an edge than most). I was paid the following Monday, 5 weeks and 2 days after my horse had won. I was paid entirely in cash, most likely as they had noted that previously this had irritated me!

The area or regional manager must have waited all day there for me to collect as he was there to pay me. As I wandered over to have a glance at some form after being paid I noted that the cheeky fucker was taking a share of the tip that I had given to the manager and his cashier.

A few days when I returned to the shop the manager told me that he felt obliged to offer his boss a share and the cheeky cunt took it!

I have since hit that same bookmaker 3 further times for similar or larger amounts.

It never quite reached 5 weeks again, usually a couple of weeks. They have always insisted upon paying me cash, even though I am sure its just as best online casino australia reviews much a pain in the arse for them as it is for me. That is quite an eye opener to me the way bookies conduct themselves. Waiting for 5 weeks to get paid would drive me to distraction. I was thinking to myself earlier, I know they said youre welcome in the shops but they may not take your bets, but since then you had hit them 3 more times for similar or large amounts.