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I guess I just got used to it and yukon gold canadian casino the losses did not hurt as much anymore. Usually when I did my utter bollox in it took a long time to get back to 0 and took most of my income each month to interest and payments. I managed to pay back all of my payday loans and credit cards.

I also managed to get a LOT of money back from payday loan companies sending in complaints (I read a lot of people are having success doing this so I followed suit). I have the recipe for successful complaints now and I have got a lot of the interest back which has helped. If anyone wants any advice on doing this themselves, please PM me and I would be more than happy to offer my advice. In 2021 I am going to be trying to fill my time with other things. I am hoping to get a puppy soon and I would like to start a YouTube channel for it. There seem to be quite a few people doing this and making money and finding success. I am just hoping it gives me a project to work on and keeps my mind busy away from gambling. Hopefully I will have some decent content for you fine folk to watch!

I am going to use this thread to post some gambling stories I have had.

I am not really looking for advice or sympathy as such - I hope you find some entertainment reading about my experiences. If not anything else I hope it acts as a warning to anyone that is on the slippery slope of letting gambling get out of control. Going over some of these experiences will hopefully be a reminder to me throughout 2021 why I need to keep myself together and not repeat similar mistakes. The urge to chase is the greatest downfall for many including myself.

Will be interesting to see how many of your stories I can relate to as a lot of problem gamblers have very similar stories sadly. This would mean when all the payday loan companies tried to ruby fortune casino canada take payment it would fail and I would at least have the chance of using that money to make more money. Payday came around and I went into work with all my wages intact. I was looking at the games while I was supposed to best australian casinos online be working. I seen Anderlecht were playing against a team that were multiple tiers lower than them. They were a similar price vs a good team in their own league at the weekend... Obviously my degen brain is just looking for an excuse and not thinking clearly and certainly not considering maybe they are fielding the C squad for this. I deposit and put my entire wage on Anderlecht to win. I am sitting at my desk taking calls from people with my iphone open in front of me railing the in play graphic on 365.

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My lunch period arrives and I go and sit in my car to get away from my colleagues. I wanted to rail this in quiet and not have to speak to anyone and disturb me. It was Anderlecht who were the champions of their league vs some shitter noob team 2 tiers below. I did no research and was just button clicking and praying? Once that lender was paid I instantly took another loan and used it to pay back another and so on until all lenders were paid but I had all the same debt and more. I have lots of stories of doing my bollox in at work and then having to go back and just get on with it guts casino australia and interact with colleagues like nothing has happened.

I have been losing a lot on sports betting and I have got a football bet on too which I am railing on my phone. The poker room waitress comes round and I order a beer and a burger. There is not an option to add a tip through the card machine so I reach into my pocket and give her a few pound coins I had.

Whenever I go to the casino the first thing I always do go to the window and get money. This is a routine I always do as I know how much of a moron I can be in the casino. Back to the poker room - the tip I just gave the waitress was from my back up bus fare pocket.

It was innocent enough - I would of felt too much shame by not tipping the waitress something and it was about an hour to the break. I leave the card room on the break and head to the roulette table. This time I am taking out the remainder of my bank balance leaving 0 in my account. I have completely forgot I need to replenish my bus fare pocket at this stage. I win a bit, lose a bit until the poker break is over. This is to hopefully speed up the bubble which has been going on forever. I think I came 5th for my buy in back which was not worth the hours of time I had put into it after getting 3 outered. I guess this was an appropriate punishment for a degenerate who just lost all his money. I am sure if I was following google maps there would be an efficient way to walk it however as my phone was dead the only thing I could do was walk the bus route. I knew this well and knew it would get me home - even if it was much longer. Long story short it took me 6-7 hours to walk home. At first it was quite refreshing and gave me time to reflect on how stupid I had been but after an hour I wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. It was a hell of a walk and my best australian casinos online feet were in bits by the time i got home. The term super degen monkey tilt is going to be a key theme in my stories and should be a gentle reminder to us all why we need coach canada casino rama to tread carefully in this crazy hobby Think the first step for anyone is recognising you have a problem.

There was a week to go and I thought of all kinds, even considered breaking my own arm at one point but apparently in some cases they still allow you to fly. There was a small community with some of best australian casinos online the regs on, think the website was called KrackedKings.

Anyway in my opinion they were a bunch of brown nosing twits. Well I only went and scrapped my way to both final tables. I ended up having more luck than Boris Johnson managing to find women willing to sleep with him and winning both.

Looking back it was probably a trigger for many stupid and big losses because I always thought gambling was the answer!

This is from a point in my life when I had a lot of credit card debt. I had managed to pay some back but it left me with I had been losing and losing and getting into a bigger and bigger hole. Although I was just paying back what I lost I felt like a winner as that would only leave 1 credit card left to pay and would take months off the repayment schedule. Over the weekend I was doing some sports bets and table tables.

Although I busted the day before I decided to play some slots and table games.

While I was best australian casinos online doing that I was doing some in play football bets. You would be surprised how often these come in when betting on a favourite home team. My remaining credit card that I need to pay off has a balance of 1900 so somehow I have managed to win it all back. I play the balance down to 3k and decide its time to cash out. When I come back up I notice on the Crazy Time history that there hasnt been a bonus in ages.

All in all I finished in the same position I started the week before.

I had lost a lot, been super lucky won it all back and then lost it all again.

Looking back on it now it is veeeery stupid that I chased. This was simply being in tunnel vision and not seeing the bigger picture. I think it is very easy to lose track of reality and get sucked in. Thank you so much for sharing these stories with us. I am especially grateful to read them, as a heavy reminder of how south things can go. Im very sorry that these moments actually happened to you, but in the nicest way possible, i am really enjoying reading them.

Minus the poker and football betting, i was hooked on FOBT roulette and would do my wage of around 1250 a month (plus tips as a waiter then) on payday and live off tips for the month. It is embarrassing to look back at, but i am well over that sh1t now. I stick to 20p,40p and if i am winning, 80p spins online now with slots i love. I hit some crazy base game in Cleapatra (not the usual one,it was one where you could progressive unlock the game and features)...

This was around 2015-16 and i barely even understood slots at all then, i just thought features were a GUARANTEED THING that just kept happening.... I closed my betfred account the next day, and started paying off all outstanding creditors. I never FOBT roulette now, and i never play while drinking online.

I love low stake slots now and get my thrill via others, i hope no one else ever gets into similar situations as us...

I think i was defo part of that credit boom and lending, its all been put to bed now with me. I am finding writing out these experiences actually hids me harder than just my memories of the experiences. Anyway - I hope some $1 minimum deposit casino best australian casinos online australia of you take something from my mistakes. Even if it helps one person out there its a job well done. This story will probably be a bit longer than the others.

I took incoming calls from people who would call to place orders. The call centre had its own cafe with seating that served breakfasts, lunch and dinner. It has a pool table and rooms with bean bags to lie and chill on your breaks. Although it was a really well paid job I had grown to hate it. To be honest I believe my gambling was one of the reasons for that. I was often out late to the casino and going into work tired. I was also not seeing the benefits of my hard work as I was punting my wage packet every month.

I am sure my losses were effecting my mood negatively too. They had lots of staff and things were quiet at the moment. I was on a day off and one of my colleagues text me to let me know they were offering voluntary redundancy. I actually drove into the office on my day off just so I could be one of the first to apply. Putting some bets on to rail and then heading through to the casino at night.

There was a really good poker cash game that we setup in the casino. The table was on the casino floor which is rare in the local casinos here. It was right next to the Punto Banco table and it resulted in the occassional clueless chinese punter sitting down for a few hands. I remember this older chinese guy came and sat down at poker from the Punto Banco table, got his stack all in at PLO, turned his hand over and declared full house.