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Reel 3 is a hotline in the base game and you want to land a wild on that reel. A wild symbol landing on a Hotline expands to cover the entire reel if resulting in a bet way win. Other reels can be turned into hotlines with bonus bets. Hotline 2 is a 5 reel, 3 row video slot played with 243 bet ways and up to 1944 in the Free Spin round featuring the expanding hotline wild symbol, the Hotline feature, and Free Spins with expanding reels.

To enter the feature you need to land 3 of the beautifully drawn scatter symbols Hotline 2 is played with the Base Bet and two Bonus Bet levels: the Double Bet and the Triple Bet. Other reels can be turned into hotlines with bonus bets.

In this slot, wild symbols can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 in the base game and the free spins and substitute for all symbols except for the Scatter symbols. Wild and expanding wild symbol substitution pays the highest possible winning combination on a bet way according to the Paytable.

If a wild symbol lands on a Hotline, it expands to cover the entire reel. The max win in this sequel is a respectable 5,184x stake per spin where as the original only has the maximum potential of a paltry 2,800x stake! GAMBLE RESPONSIBLYRemember to always gamble responsibly. For more information see our Responsible Gambling information. Please upgrade your browser to improve your 888 canada casino experience. Home (current) Forum Giveaways Casino Bonuses Gallery News Leagues Welcome to the community The Home Of Everything Gambling Related!

GAMBLE RESPONSIBLYRemember to always gamble responsibly. For australian casino list more information see our Responsible Gambling information. In was in this context I started a mediation request to the small claims court. ISLOT I will join my husband to the account and see what happens. I fear you are right I will do the basics, rather than give up straight away, but with little expectation. So my thoughts are, based on above and given I microgaming australian casinos have started the small claims process 1.

They accepted the bet knowing the payment was someone elses at the same australian casino list address (husband with different name). They asked me to send my bank statement and ID which I did. I could have sent marriage certificate and letter of consent if I had known this was an issue.

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The terms and conditions are not moral why should they be able to take my money, with out an order of a court of law? Parallel to the small claims court I might as well complain to the GC. I opened an online account with all by details late in 2020 My credit card would not be accepted. At that point I did not realise you could not use credit cards anymore. He is at the same address at me but we have different surnames. A day or two later I tried to go into my account and could not get in. I kept contacting them and having on line chats, fortunately all recorded. They asked me to prove my identity sending copy of driving license and my bank account which I did, twice they said they had not got it and asked me to send it a third time which I declined. At this stage I did not understand that the issue was re using my husbands card and they did not advise me of this fact.. After 6 weeks of sheer frustration I presumed it was their inefficiency so initiated a small claim in the county court.

I can show our marriage certificate, proof of living at same address, that I had permission to use that card etc. Does anyone know if there is any liklihood of winning this claim or should I just give up?


Probably one of few who actually appear to take care of their players, in this case their affiliated streamers. Look forward to the new bonus hunt result Mr Rolla. I will be sure to pop an announcement on here, hopefully get to see some familiar faces pop back along for a laugh at least Well...

Needless to say it was very very fun for the time it lasted, however by the australian casino list end of 2017, every stream I had created resulted in zero cash out so as you can imagine, it hurt! There were a few good laughs along the way, streaming with the man himself, Rollaaaaaa and also had a right laugh with Hypa on multiple occasions also! However it was a new years eve-eve stream where I spunked something to the tune of 2600 (i think) at the time made me start to seriously think about what I was doing. I took a few months just uploading bits and bobs, tried another couple of short streams which also resulted in losses no cash outs, so I took the decision to step back.

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I was actually able to give my job at the time its full focus, which was definitely the right thing as it was quite literally the best job I ever had, ironically, as a games designer for a known gaming company, that it until corona struck. Any who, after a few years of being away, I have decided I am going to revisit the live streaming of casino slots, games and general related shiz - so for those that may be interested... WILDMAN SLOTS GAMING CHANNEL has returned for 2021!

I will be returning to slot streaming, content uploads and also including some never before seen fruit machine sims and gameplay. The only benefit to have designed some of them I suppose - haha I have a selection of casinos that have all been set up with strict deposit limits so whilst controlling the spend, I will hopefully be able to actually enjoy the rowing of slots for bonuses and those epic wins on smaller stakes... A big shout out to Rolla and a few others, for keeping in touch during my time away from the tube! I am looking forward to enjoying some fun sessions $1 deposit casino australia and realllllly want to pop my cherry of FIRST EVER LIVE STREAM CASHOUT!!! The end goal is to set up some cheeky giveaways for the top point earners but also some other items you can exchange points for. Her page on facebook says she mostly helps pigeons and dove rescue and rehab but in truth she rescues, bird of prey, swans, ducks, geese, all the wild birds you can think of. She gets no support from anyone and often she will stay awake all night caring for a small sick animal. I met her briefly once to hand over a sick bird, she traveled all the way from the IOW to Southampton spending her own money to pay for 4 taxis and 2 ferry jorneys just for one bird. She is a really nice caring person with a true heart of gold and I have never met anyone who is so deserving than her. She works closely with a vet and is often confronted with vet bills although many are free.

I just hope some of you on here have a heart for this lovely lady who works aussie casino games so hard for our wildlife. I see it recently on the news and they recognise gaming as an illness now. I can remember years ago when I was at work rushing to get home as fast as I could just to play a video game on my console and I also remember doing the same just to go play slots in a local arcade and top me the feeling was the same.

What are your thoughts on this and who else has ever an addiction to both gaming and gambling?

Prefer the one with the progressive jackpots at the top. I have other favourites but Doubleup Ducks is the one I play the most Hi, I am at present 50 years old, started gambling when I was about 8 years old. My first gamble was on the Swanage sea front in the sea front arcades on the penny pushers.

Within an hour your arm felt like it was gonna drop off lol but hey, they were fun.

Those coin pushers were the machines that I think everyone at some point nudged and set off the alarm I mean it just has to be done lol. I think as the jackpots got bigger and the stakes got bigger over time it kind of killed the excitement (at least for me it did). In the last 15 years I have been playing slots online where I fond they do seem to payout a lot more but can also take a lot more on a bad run. For me It was not winning the money but just the fun of playing and hitting those jackpots because it was like I have acheved something even for a a few moments. When playing in the arcades I did meet some good people but mostly grumpy bad losers. Since playing online I have met more people who I find to be easier to get along with and seem a lot less dramatic when losing. I have played roulette, blackjack, video slots, bingo and a few other crazy games with the slots being my all time favourites. I have won several jackpots on bingo 2 were one after the other in the same room. I have won countless progressive jackpots but nothing massive, mostly minors or majors. I have always found after winning a jackpot that no matter what slot you play after it will take it all back everytime. I seem to come from a family who are mostly gamblers with just the odd one or two who dont really gamble.

I too have had some major issues with gambling along with my best online australian casino brother who no longer gambles at all. Now for me I try to gamble only as a form of entertainment when I can afford it but always australian casino list stop when I have either had enough or reached a point where I think I have deposited enough.